2 – August 23 2020

2 – August 23 2020


by Lao Tzu (604-531 BCE)


Beauty and ugliness have one origin.

Name beauty, and ugliness is.

Recognizing virtue recognizes evil.


Is and is not produce one another.

The difficult is born in the easy,

long is defined by short, the high by the low.

Instrument and voice achieve one harmony.

Before and after have places.


That is why the sage can act without effort

and teach without words,

nurture things without possessing them,

and accomplish things without expecting merit:


only one who makes no attempt to possess it

cannot lose it.

Excerpted from: The Poetry of Zen

translated & edited by 

Sam Hamill & J. P. Seaton


The ego, which we encounter mainly through our thinking, must divide the world for itself – that which is safe, that which is not; that which is pleasant, that which is unpleasant; that which matters, that which does not. So many things and people, places and experience. It never runs out of work to do, and it leads us inevitably to disappointment and exhaustion.


When we meditate, we contact true ground within – that place where we can know oneness and find freedom from the two-ness that is the playground (and hell) of the small self. And in the rest of the hours of our day, even if we may be unable to feel this ground state, we can remember it is there. And give ourselves permission, for at least a moment here and there, to stop listening to the never-ending chatter of judgment and separation and to feel that which underlies it all.


Today I will meditate, morning and evening, and during all the hours in between, remember for myself that oneness is the truth of all.

Ardhanarishwara, Shiva and Shakti in one, 8×10 tintype