All That You Touch You Change – April 9 2021

All That You Touch You Change – April 9 2021

All that you touch

You Change.


All that you Change

Changes you.


The only lasting truth

is Change.



is Change.

Octavia E. Butler


Meditation works. I have yet to see one person learn to meditate whose life was not changed by our practice. And the change always has been for the good.


So why doesn’t everyone meditate?


Because change is not for sissies. Change can be scary. Can it be that to some of us, some of the time, misery and suffering actually are preferable to the unknown?


But isn’t it all the unknown? Not one of us can predict how many days of life we have left. We can’t know if we will be married tomorrow, make money tomorrow, win or lose love tomorrow. Our idea of non-change is an illusion. An illusion that can be kept in place only by denial, and denial that can be kept in place only by a refusal to grow and an insistence on ignoring what we know.


And to meditate is to cease ignoring.


The Veda says that all change is progressive change. This is the way nature works. To evolve itself is all that nature knows to do. To embrace change is to embrace the truth of evolution, to know ourselves as expressions of nature. As we meditate, transcending our limited and limiting ideas, more and more we release ourselves into the arms of nature, into the flow of the evolution of all that is. What this all-that-is has in store for us must, by definition, be greater than the limited plans we have for ourselves.


Nature, God if you will, wants us to be happy, joyous and free. This is not a theory. It is a truth of nature that can be experienced. It only waits for me to choose it for myself.


Today I will open myself to not knowing. I will be open to having the day that nature would give me, rather than the day I think I should have. I will open myself to change. I will embrace change as the way of the universe.

Henry jumping, Kern County, CA