An Approach to Life – September 19 2019

An Approach to Life – September 19 2019

Is there some way by which the ordinary mind, caught up in this world with its pains and pleasures, can be free and touch the essence? The study of this is called the Brahmavidya, and the way to do this is called Yoga.

Sri M

Brahmavidya­ – knowledge of Totality. Knowledge/study of the Truth of life. The essence of life. This is what we are doing, writing and reading things like this. Introducing to our mind ideas other than what it generally is filled with. Ideas about what underlies our world, rather than the pieces and places and people in it. Helping ourselves to think of things as one complete whole, rather than the piecemeal churning life can sometimes become.

It is important to think differently, to image wholeness; for unless we can image it, we will not find it easy to look for. And without looking for it, we will never find it.

But along with seeking and studying this knowledge, we require a way to experience our wholeness with the universe. There are many ways to do this, and they all are called Yoga.

One name for the yoga we practice is raja yoga, which means that we seek union within, through our twice-daily practice, and then seek union without through love and selfless service in the world; and through living a life of decency and right action, for ourselves and all those around us.

Through meditation we grow more connected to spirit within. Then we ask ourselves to feel that connection out in the world.

It’s an approach to life that actually works.

Today I will meditate, twice. And I will try to treat my neighbor as if she were as precious to me as my own life, as if her life and mine were one.

Allegory – salt print from wet collodion glass plate negative, Rochester NY