An Evening with Sri M – August 13 2019

An Evening with Sri M – August 13 2019

[T]he blissful supreme is right here – so simple and clear. No one need shave his head or wear special headgear or ochre robes or run away from all that one holds dear. No Sir! You may live in this world and do your duties, earn your livelihood, look after those that need your help, spread the fragrance of love and service, and yet remember to keep in touch with your true Self, the spark from the great fire, the drop from the great ocean, by meditating regularly, so that, in the spotless  mirror of your heart, Divinity’s reflection glows. From your heart, then, will the serene rays of the spirit proceed and fill other hearts with bliss.

Sri M, The Little Guide to Greater Glory and a Happier Life

In the east, for thousands of years, certain men and women have dedicated their lives to discovering their own deepest truths, and from that truth, the deepest truths of life itself. Lineages of wisdom have been carried forward, teacher to student, generation after generation, so that today (though rare) we still may find teachers who have been taught by teachers who have been taught, nearly ad infinitum, and who have done the work to embody these truths of spirit.

Sri M is one of these men. He teaches because he has something to say, not for personal gain. And because his own teacher made it his responsibility to do so. Left to his own devices, he would much rather be home in Madanapale, India, involved in the school his foundation has built, than traveling the world. Humble to a fault, wise, charming, delightful to spend time with, it is always a gift and a privilege to hear him speak.

September 16 and 17, Sri M will be speaking in Los Angeles. Join us in welcoming him, and allow yourself this rare opportunity to spend time with him without having to travel any further than Burbank or Los Feliz. Information below.

Today I will remind myself that there is far more to know about the universe than I have learned so far, and I will open myself to seeking out this ‘more.’

September 16, AN EVENING WITH SRI M at The Victory Theatre in Burbank. Link through here for tickets

September 17, AN EVENING WITH SRI M at The Philosophical Research Society in Los Feliz. Link through here for tickets.

Sri M and friends, Himalayas, Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India