An Inexhaustable Source – September 27 2019

An Inexhaustable Source – September 27 2019

As far as God is concerned, there is no check of any kind upon the amount of divine energy that we can appropriate, or, therefore, upon the things that we can do or be. Yet, for practical purposes, You can draw from the inexhaustible Source only in accordance with the measure of your understanding, just as you can draw water from the Atlantic only in accordance with the size of the vessel that you use.

Emmet Fox, Your Heart’s Desire

The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Emmet Fox speaks of ‘God,’ and ‘Source.’ We can use the term ‘consciousness,’ to describe this same phenomenon.

The dictionaries define consciousness as everything from “being awake and responsive to one’s environment,” to “an energy aware of itself.” Because we are using our own consciousness to describe consciousness, it seems that we rather quickly become like the five blind men describing the elephant: one man feels the tail and says the elephant is like a rope; the man feeling a leg describes him as pillar-like; etc. We can only describe what we are able to sense, and what we are able to sense is determined solely by our consciousness. Absurdity abounds. But then, why should we care? Why even ask the question? Does a fish need to know what water is in order to enjoy its properties, or is it enough simply to swim in it?

For the fish, knowing the water will not change the water. For us, though, knowing consciousness changes consciousness. The more we can know consciousness, from our direct experience of it, the more we are able to depend upon it as the source of all that is good in our world. The more we seek it, in our meditation as well as outside meditation, the more it will express Itself to us. And what we find is this: Consciousness is everywhere. Consciousness is everything. All that is, is consciousness. It is in and through all things. It is what connects us to all things. It is something we can seek, something we can cultivate, something we can grow. Something we can be.

And in the most practical of terms, consciousness is something that, the more of it we have, the better our life works.

How do we get more of it? Simply by meditating, by allowing ourselves this simple, effortless, enjoyable practice of sitting comfortably with our eyes closed, twenty minutes, twice a day. And by daily study. Reading the words of someone other than ourselves and taking on a perspective other than our own, thereby expanding our own vision of consciousness and our place in it.

Such a small investment of time for such a tremendous return. We have the most powerful gift imaginable right here in our hands. All we need do is put it to use.

Today, instead of rueing my lot in life, I will put in my time meditating and studying in order to change my consciousness, and thus my experience of life. 

REO Speed-Wagon, Ojai, CA