Attention Within – September 10 2020

Attention Within – September 10 2020

Giving up desire after desire is a lengthy process with the end never in sight. Leave alone your desires and fears, give your entire attention to the subject, to him who is behind the experience of desire and fear. Ask: who desires? Let each desire bring you back to yourself.


It is all a matter of focus. Your mind is focused in the world; mine is focused in reality.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


The Veda says that consciousness is primary; that what we are, truly, is consciousness itself. So if we wish to change our world, the change must be in consciousness; and in consciousness, what we have the power to change is attention and intention.

Where am I putting my attention? And,

what is my intention?


The quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj is an example of the intention to find the Truth of oneself. And with this intention, we are told to put our attention on consciousness Itself–that which is real, that which never changes. We are told to step out of the relative world and into the experience of the Self. Not because the relative world is false but because it is ever-changing. Nothing stays the same, ever. Millions of cells in our bodies are dying in this moment. Thoughts come and go. Feelings ebb and flow, attaching now here, now there. Even our ideas of what will bring us happiness are changing continually. Finding lasting stability in the relative world is not possible.


And for ‘stability,’ also read ‘happiness, safety, comfort, peace.’ These all are qualities available to us, easily and readily within our reach, but we don’t find them because we keep looking for them where they don’t exist. We seek them outside ourselves, when in fact the only place they can possibly be found is in that place that never changes: the place within. The place of Self. 


To find these qualities then is simply a matter of redirecting our attention.


Meditation, putting our attention within, allows us to find this experience of Self; and as we find it and become familiar with it, the experience of happiness, safety, comfort and peace begins to unfold for us in a way that is undeniable; and because it is here within the Self, it is absolutely clear that it cannot be taken from us, no matter what changes may happen in the world around us.


Happiness, safety, comfort and peace are available to all of us, always. We need only look in the right place.


Today I will look within for the witness–that which never changes, which is never at the mercy of the ‘facts’ of my life. I will accept the truth that happiness is my birthright, that it is available to me always, and that it is within me now, simply awaiting my attention.

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