Be the Bliss – January 18 2020

Be the Bliss – January 18 2020

Anxiety was found to speed the progression of cancer in hairless mice, to improve humans’ sense of smell, and to be alleviated by alcohol in zebrafish who have been living alone.

Harpers Magazine, July 2012

Though I wouldn’t mind having an improved sense of smell, I think my hairless mice can do without the speedy progression of cancer; and definitely, I would like to lessen the need for alcohol in my lonely zebrafish.

Meditation lessens stress in the body, almost immediately. The lessening of stress leads to a lessening of anxiety. A lessening of anxiety leads to an increased ability to feel the bliss that is available to all God’s creatures, always, just there below the fight or flight system/ego that we find ourselves so often struggling against.

We are not this fight-flight system. We are not this ego. We are the bliss.

Today I will let go of the anxiety and imagine how it might feel to be the bliss. And I will meditate to move in that direction.

Leaves in glass, tintype