Be the River, Man – August 20 2020

Be the River, Man – August 20 2020

Human life is like the bubble that appears in the stream. You see it one moment and then, the next moment, it is gone.

Sri M


One of the interesting things about human life is the shift from our early life experience of time and how it might drag on and on – how long till Christmas? When’s Daddy getting home? –  to the experience of our later years when the days and years can feel like they flow by like… like bubbles on a stream.


The truth, from the perspective of infinite spirit, is the latter. We are here, and then gone. The bubbles arise and disappear in a moment, as the stream goes on and on.


If all I am is the bubble, this is a sad state of affairs. If, however, I am the stream, the coming and going of bubbles is just part of the joy of living, of flowing.


Meditate today. Be the beautiful evanescent bubble you are, but know yourself as the stream. Or as my dear friend Diana is fond of saying, ‘Be the river, man!’

Mountain stream, Ireland