Being is Primary – January 5 2021

Being is Primary – January 5 2021

We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D


The truth of life, of nature, is:

Being is primary. Being is first, and all else proceeds from Being.


Like the ocean and the waves, the ocean is. Waves come and go, always changing, ephemeral. Ocean is. First, last and always.


Being is. We continue to think that ‘having’ is primary. That if I have something — the right job, the right amount of money, the right lover — then I will be able to do something (to enjoy the job, the money, the lover) and happiness will occur. But what, actually, is happiness? It’s the state of Being. That experience of the perfection of this moment, exactly as it is, exactly as I am, exactly as you are.


Having leads to Doing leads to Being. This is the formula most of us try to follow. In spite of the fact that never in the history of the world has this equation succeeded in bringing lasting happiness to anyone.


Being is first.


Being is at the center of everything. When we know ourselves as this center of everything, all that we do is filled with the Bliss that is the nature of Being. All that we have, or receive, based upon that doing, will contain that Bliss.


When I choose to meditate for my twenty minutes, twice a day, I am signaling to nature that Being is primary to me. I am saying that I want nothing more than to be at-one-with nature itself. Rather than seeking happiness, I choose to capture the source of happiness. The source of everything. And nature celebrates its capture by me. Because now there is one more outlet for the bliss of nature, one more errant evolutionary experiment who has found his way back.


Today I will remember that the source of happiness is not without, but is within, and if I choose to seek it there it will let itself be found.

Sri Guru Babaji, Blossom Foundation Retreat Center, Texas