Come to Your Senses – July 23 2019

Come to Your Senses – July 23 2019

Every particle of the world is a mirror,

In each atom lies the blazing light

of a thousand suns.

Cleave the heart of a rain-drop,

a hundred pure oceans will flow forth.

Look closely at a grain of sand,

the seed of a thousand beings can be seen.

Mahmoud Shabestari

A recent study of memory in nursing home patients showed a far greater ability to recall events ten years in the past than things that had happened in the previous month.

The most logical hypothesis presented for the cause of this faulty memory had nothing to do with illness, biological failure or a lessening of mental powers; rather, it had to do with the observation that the study participants spent much of their time in speculation – about the past or the future – rather than in present moment awareness. The events they recalled from ten years before were from a time in their life they were more present.

Memories are based in our experience as delivered to us through our five senses. When we are living in the past or the future, in speculation, we are not in our senses. We are not building memories. In a sense, we are not living.

We are meant to know ourselves as spirit, having a human/physical experience. We are meant to be alive in our bodies, in our five senses. Living in our five senses, we are able to hear/see/feel/taste/smell the movement of nature. And when we are able to feel the movement of nature, nature shows us the way it is moving. We call this the “fine level of feeling.”

The fine level of feeling is that still, small voice that tells us precisely what to do and when to do it. It is our window on nature’s intelligence, and by following it we are aligned with nature, and with evolution. Aligned with evolution, our actions naturally will be for our own highest good, and for the highest good of everyone around us.

At least once today I will “come to my senses” and notice truly where I am. I will bring my awareness to the world, rather than to my thoughts about the world. I will become present, fully, for at least a moment.

Redwoods, Muir Woods, Marin County, CA