Comfort is Overrated – July 21 2019

Comfort is Overrated – July 21 2019

You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.

Abraham Maslow, from

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Comfort is overrated.

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The nature of life is evolution. With each moment we are owning more and more of who we are, more and more taking our place as a center of consciousness. Each day we expand further into our own consciousness, growing, learning, more accepting of ourselves and our place in the world. As we meditate, we learn acceptance of ourselves, warts and all. Our history, our limitations. We may even get comfortable with ourselves.

Many of us think that comfort is the goal of our spiritual and/or psychological work. We think that if we are uncomfortable, we are doing something wrong and must find a way to return to the place of comfort. This is a wrong assumption.

We find comfort. We find our place of center. And then life says something like, ‘Okay. Good. We have a foundation now. An experience of the feeling of wholeness that we can return to. Now it’s time to expand, to take on more of life, more of consciousness. Now it’s time to cease ignoring. Now it’s time to take even more responsibility for our life and for our happiness and for our success–and for the life and happiness and success of our brothers and sisters. It’s time to own the truth of our being at a deeper level, to own our place as expressions of the Divine in this moment and in every moment.’

And with this thought, we expand. Outward from center. We own even more of consciousness than we even thought was available to us. And it’s uncomfortable. Like an arm that has been in a cast for six weeks–the cast comes off and the very air hurts us. Like this, we own this part of ourselves that’s been unconscious and ignored, and it’s uncomfortable.

Own the discomfort. Embrace the discomfort. This is fantastic news. The discomfort means we’re doing our job. The discomfort means we’re continuing to grow. Now we have the opportunity to find the place of comfort even with this. Even with this new, more expanded experience of life and of self. We look out from our place in the center of it all, seeking our oneness with the world, and asking from our Higher Self (or God, if you will) for help in seeing and taking the next step in the direction of our growth.

And as we step forward, we begin to find a new experience of comfort – the comfort of service to something greater than our ego, greater than our small self needs. The comfort of consciousness on the move. 

The universe is infinite. Consciousness, too, is infinite. Our capacity to grow and to own our place in consciousness is infinite. If we want to be involved in this game of infinite growth and possibility, it will pay to make friends with our discomfort, for we’re going to be seeing a lot of it.

Today I will own the temporary feeling of discomfort I may have, without trying to get away from it or cover it up. I will feel the uncomfortable sensations in my body and then put my attention in the world rather than in the stories my mind tells me about the discomfort and what it means about me or about the world. And I will ask for guidance from something other than my ego what the next right action might be. And I will take that next step, in spite of how uncomfortable I may feel.