Craving – January 24 2020

Craving – January 24 2020

The fact is that we are separated, and we are looking for it. The puny brain can never find the ‘why’ until it reaches the goal. When it does reach the goal and finds the ‘why’, it cannot explain to someone who is still seeking. But, the fact remains that we are craving. That we cannot deny.

Sri M

We crave. All of us, at one time or another. Some of us always, or nearly so. Trying this and that to fill the unfillable hole.

What we learn from the spiritual masters is that fulfillment comes only from within; only from our relationship with the divine. Within each of us, this spark of the divine longing to know itself at-one-with the greater Divine. This breath of flame wanting to catch and burn with the fire of consciousness – that which is greater than the greatest, smaller than the smallest. That which is everything, the underlying Truth of all that is.

Today, when I feel the desire for something to make me feel better – a cookie/drink/someone’s approval/etc ., I will remind myself that what I really desire is a deeper connection to the divine. And then I may, or may not, have the something. And if I do have the something, I will do it consciously, with full awareness, without letting myself go to sleep.

Bud Powell, Studio City, CA