All We Need to Know – December 29 2019

God resides in the heart of every person at every moment.

He is always ready to take care of you.

Develop your spiritual powers.

This is true knowledge.

And to apply oneself to His service is true devotion.

Guru Deva, 

Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

The spark of the divine is in each one of us.

Sri M

This is all we need to know. 

To know God, to find God, we need only to look within our own heart.

To know how we are to treat others, we need only remember that within each of us is this same divine spark.

To know how we are to be in the world, we need simply remind ourselves that service is the key, and that what we are serving always is either the ego or God. 

In each moment we may choose to find God within, and to serve God without.

This is all we need to know. After this, all the rest is simply the joy of discovery.

Today I will find God within my own heart, and know for myself absolutely that I may find God in you, if I choose to look.

Michael, meditating, two 8×10 tintypes

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