But Sometimes It Hurts – February 6 2019

The whole theory of Maya does not mean that the world is an illusion. The world is a reality, but the theory of Maya says the world is only relatively real and, therefore, not absolutely real. It is not what you think it to be and what it is actually, you don’t know that either.
Sri M
The world may not be absolutely real, but sometimes it sure hurts.
the author
Meditation is not a universal panacea. To a degree, yes. When we meditate, get a download of bliss chemistry and a lessening of stress which makes everything just a bit easier to bear. If you sit down to meditate without enough money to pay the rent, in general you’re going to come out of meditation with the same problem. But having meditated, having lessened your stress and upped your serotonin, you will have a much easier time finding the next right action toward solving the problem of rent.
Perhaps even more importantly, you’re going to have given yourself some experience of the deep inner Self, what Sri M above implies is the ‘absolutely real.’ This is perhaps the most profound gift of meditation. To know myself as something other than ‘all this.’ All these thoughts and feelings, fears and doubts. All this scrambling for a position from which life might seem a bit more… do-able. 
When I know myself as this inner Being, all this swirling and suffering can become background noise, rather than self. All the problems, though still there, are no longer me. Are no longer life or death. And no longer have to take up the whole of my internal landscape. I become more able to put my attention on the world and engage in the reason I’m actually here on the planet: which it turns out is to know myself as this internal spark of the Divine and point it outward to the world to see where I might be of service. 
Today I will meditate, twice, and during the day, let myself drop into an awareness of the Truth of me, and from this place, ask how I might be of service in this next moment. And the next.
Heron, Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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