Letting Go of Judgment – January 9 2019

The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Evolution is all that nature does, collectively as well as individually. In our oneness with nature, we too always are evolving. Evolving toward what?
Toward wholeness. Toward a more and more complete experience of our oneness with all that is.
The Veda explains it like this:
In the beginning there was Pure Being. Oneness. Nothing was happening, because all simply was. There was no relative world, because there was no Other with which to relate.
Totality has within Itself the desire to expand. This desire to evolve. But in order for Being to be able to evolve, It had to become  incomplete. Partial. So It gave Itself the supreme gift of ignorance. The ability to ignore Its oneness, to forget Its wholeness with Itself.
And in that moment of forgetting, all of this came into existence. From that moment of ignorance, the relative world was created. Simply so that Totality could experience the joy of remembering Its oneness with Itself.
This, then, is evolution. All of us as individual expressions of Totality moving toward an ever-growing sense of our oneness with all that is. In human terms, we call this love. Recognizing the Self in all others, in all things, in every moment. Self looking across at Self and recognizing Self. Love flowing from one experience of Self to another experience of Self.
In our continual evolution, each day we grow into a more complete understanding of who we are and of what life is. By definition, each day we will be able to look back at our behavior of yesterday and see how we could have done better, how we could have loved more, how we could have been more whole. The possibility of judgment always will be available to us. The question then becomes: can we find enough love today to see ourselves without judgment? Can we look upon our less-evolved self–our self of yesterday–as nature might? With love, compassion and understanding? Without judgment?
Nature does not judge Itself. It simply is. We can align ourselves with nature by choosing compassion over judgment, love over separation. We can choose more and more to know our oneness – with each other, with the world, with ourselves.
Today I will notice when I am seeing myself with judgment, and in that moment I will seek to let judgment go and assume an ability to love. Even my flawed, perfectly imperfect self.
Dune, Death Valley, CA

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