Psychotherapy and Meditation – June 9 2021

Being a person is not something one can do. It is not a performance. It may require that we stop our frantic business, that we take time out to breathe and to feel. In the process we may feel our pain, but if we have the courage to accept it, we will also have pleasure. If we can face our inner emptiness, we will find fulfillment. If we can go through our despair, we will discover joy. In this therapeutic undertaking we may need help.
Alexander Lowen, M.D.,
Fear of Life, from the Introduction
To find our fullest expression in life, professional help sorting through the twists and turns of our inner world can be a huge help. Dr. Lowen has helped countless people with his writings, myself included. It was his book, Bioenergetics, that first allowed me to begin the healing of my mind through the instrument of the body. It was, at the time, a revolutionary approach to healing neurosis that gave me hope where before there had been none.
Lowen goes on to say:
The neurotic individual is in conflict with himself. Part of his being is trying to overcome another part. His ego is trying to master his body; his rational mind, to control his feelings; his will, to overcome his fears and anxieties.
In meditation, twice each day, we transcend these conflicted factions. We contact the place of truth beyond all the warring voices. The more we contact this place of truth, the less the voices and resistance can affect us. We still might benefit from the help of a professional in untangling these conflicts in the mind and body, but it’s a far easier task when we are guided by an inner light that becomes brighter and brighter each time we visit it.
Life is about learning to live. We make use of whatever tools that resonate for us. But regardless of the tool, meditation will always help.
Today I will meditate morning and evening in order to touch upon the truth within, and if I have conflict within my mind, I will remind myself that this conflict is not me, its voices are not me; that what I am is far deeper, far brighter, far more real than anything my mind might come up with; and I will remind myself throughout the day to feel this deeper sense of Self.
Frankie at the Gym, North Hollywood, CA

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