The Source Within – March 10 2019

Spiritual experience is a fact. Spirituality may be defined as an atmosphere of good, the realization of God. It cannot–and does not–borrow its light from another, no matter how great or noble that other may be. It springs from within, coming from that never-failing fountain of life, which quenches every thirst, whose Source is in eternity; the well-spring of self-existence. It is a revelation of the self to the self, putting one back on the track of his own self-dependence on Spirit, his own at-one-ment with Reality.
Ernest Holmes,
The Science of Mind
Why study spiritual works? Why meditate?
In order to come more into contact with who and what we really are.
Toward what end?
The more we are able to experience what we truly are, the more we are able to give of ourselves in this world. The more we are able to give of ourselves in this world, the more in alignment with life we will be. The more in alignment with life we are, the better we feel. The better we feel, the more we will be able to give of ourselves. Etc.
We are here to express life. To express Spirit. To give of ourselves to each other. In order to give of ourselves, we must be ourselves. Not the needy, partial, frightened self of the ego; but rather the true Self. Higher Self. The God within. That part of us that always is in touch with eternity, that never is affected by the rough patches of life, that never turns away from its oneness with Totality. This identity always awaits my attention, ready to flow through me as soon as I give the word. And I can give the word any time. I can give the word now.
Today I will offer myself as an outlet for the loving flow of universal consciousness. I will give my attention to others as if there is something I will be able to offer them. I will step into each new situation asking what I may offer, rather than what I must look to receive. I will assume a connection to Source that will help me to know what to do, when to do it and that will give me the strength, the desire and the capability to follow through.
River, Clouds, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

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