The Truth is One – November 8 2018

ekam sad viprā bahudhā vadanti
The Truth is ONE but the wise describe it in various ways
Rg Veda
Truth, in spiritual terms, is a very specific concept. Truth means ‘that which doesn’t change.’ This Truth that doesn’t change is the background to everything. It is the underlying field from which everything is expressed. The ‘ground state’ that we find in meditation when we transcend our ego self—our thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions—all these things that might be true in a moment, but are guaranteed to change at some point.
Truth that the Veda references says that there is only one thing.
That I (and everyone else) is this one thing.
That the main quality of this one thing is inherent bliss, the sense of being okay with what is, with what I am, with how the world is. The sense of being in alignment with something greater than myself that flows always in the direction of wholeness, oneness.
And love is the currency of life. Love is what I am meant to express. Love is what I am meant to identify as. Love is what will guide me unerringly in the direction of my highest good.
Today I will imagine my oneness with my fellows, especially with those I judge harshly. And I will ask of my higher Self, how would God see this other? How would a god of love see me? Do I have the capacity to imagine myself looking at myself, and this other, with the same eyes of love?
Woman Carrying Grass, Uttarakhand, India
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