To Hold Infinity – March 16 2019

Before Vincent van Gogh became van Gogh, everyone thought cypress trees and muddy farmers’ boots were ugly.
Samuel Adoquei, How Successful Artists Study
To see a World in a Grain of Sand 
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour
William Blake, from Auguries of Innocence
All major religions speak of God as being omnipresent – every place and every time. The Veda says that all things, in their most subtle state, are consciousness itself. The whole of the universe and every tiniest thing in it, nothing but God and consciousness.
This is something we so rarely allow ourselves to experience, and yet it is there and available to us in each and every moment, just as it was for van Gogh and William Blake and all the other artists who are awake enough to see it and feel it and express it.
We can wake up to experience it for ourselves by first, remembering it is there to be seen. Then becoming present to the world, rather than to our thoughts about the world. Engaging fully with each moment and with each other. Reminding ourselves throughout the day that God is here, in this moment, waiting patiently for me to slow down enough to say hello.
Today I will slow down enough to say hello to life, in all its many forms
Surfboards, Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

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