Dear God – August 6 2019

Dear God – August 6 2019

When we call upon God in prayer, we are assuming a world that is held by the divine. We are changing our perspective: from seeing only the negative to seeing perhaps the prospect of hope. We are saying that there is a reason to go on, reason enough to continue to love. We are saying that we believe in a world that has the possibility of the miraculous, a world that can help to hold the sorrow of our fellows, a world in which what we think, what we say, what we do absolutely affects the whole of what is, and each and every one of our brothers and sisters; that we are not powerless; that things are not hopeless; that change can and will occur and that we are ready and willing to be a part of it. We are saying, ‘I am ready to be used. Please use me.’

From Marianne Wiliamson:

Dear God,We pray for our brothers and sistersin El Paso.Please give them comfortin this hour of their agony.May those who are woundedsurvive and heal.May those who died be at peace.May those who grieve be given the strengthto bear this unbearable moment.At this time of catastrophe, dear God,enlighten us and lift us up.Cast out all darkness and bless all hearts.


Seed Cases and barn, Frederick County, MD