Even the Wild Animals Become Happy in Your Presence – March 16 2021

Even the Wild Animals Become Happy in Your Presence – March 16 2021

Non-violence does not mean an external manifestation of being not harmful to others alone. Nonviolence is a state of mind. I have seen this happen with my Master – with whom I lived in the Himalayas for many years – that if you cease to hate or not feel hatred or never hurt another living being, even the wild animals become happy in your presence.

Sri M

What if I lent no more credence to my own opinions than to the opinions of others? What if I didn’t take the opinions of others personally? What if I recognized that my opinions were perhaps the least interesting thing about me? And that your opinions were perhaps the least important thing about you? What if it didn’t matter who you voted for? Or what you posted on Facebook? What if, when the anger and fear and hatred arose in me, I chose to see it as something other than ‘me,’ and chose to see it as about something other than ‘you?’ 

What if we all put our effort into getting along, rather than into making sure we know who’s on our side, and who isn’t?

Today I will look past my neighbor’s opinions to see the living being beneath, and I will set aside my own opinions to allow the living being I am to be expressed, knowing that the only truth of the universe is God – that this is the truth of you, and the truth of me.

Jessica, tintype