Every Little Thing – November 18 2020

Every Little Thing – November 18 2020

Every Little Thing


if every little thing that you did

made a difference

would you do things

a little different?


if every thing that you said

built the world

would you be the sacred keeper

of your word?


would you believe me

if I told you

you’re the reason 

we are here?


would there be meaning

to your breathing

if your exhale

made the air?

Climbing PoeTree


We are life itself. We are spirit, having a human experience.


What I offer to the world is an expression of life through me. What I want to create is an offering of nature through me. Everything that insists I be alive is life itself demanding my attention, demanding I listen, demanding I take seriously what it wants of me.


We are life itself; and yet again and again we forget this truth and identify with the voice of smallness and judgment and withholding, with the voice of the ego. The ego does not want to express life. It wants only to keep itself alive. It will keep itself alive at the expense of life. This is a paradox only if I make the mistake of thinking I am the ego. Of thinking the voice in my head is in service of life, when actually it’s only in service of the ego.


We are life itself. Forgetting this truth is not a mistake. It is the very nature of being a human. Noticing that we have forgotten, and then remembering the truth of ourselves is the nature of being spirit. Letting ourselves go through this process again and again, day after day after day, without judging ourselves for it, is what life would have us do.


As I find my way of doing this for myself, I will begin to find my way of doing it for you.


This is what life does.


Today I will notice how life wants to love through me. I will listen for the voice that wants me to love and to support my fellows, rather than to the voice that wants me to be small and separate and apart from. I will allow myself to discover how love might be available in every situation, regardless of what the voice in my head may have to say about it.

Dancer, Sri M Retreat, Sacred Grove, Young County TX