Everything Has Beauty – September 29 2020

Everything Has Beauty – September 29 2020

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. 



Every major religion says that God is omnipresent. Every place, every time. Every molecule, every moment. From before the universe began, through every day of these billions and billions of years, and back again to the dissolution that must come at the end of things. All came from God, all returns to God, all is God, always. In you, in me, as you, as me, in this moment and every moment.


Why then can we not see it?


Perhaps it’s as simple as that we aren’t looking.


Today I will look for God in the faces of the people I meet, in the elegance of the endless stream of cars as I go to work and as I return home, in the twinkle of sunlight from broken glass in the gutter. And when my mind tells me I’m an idiot for even trying, I will simply smile, thank it for sharing, and continue.

Suvarna, tintype, Studio City, CA