Existence, Consciousness, Bliss – January 14 2021

Existence, Consciousness, Bliss – January 14 2021


Existence and Thought and Joy. Of the One self-existing or universal Spirit. Brahman. Totality.

 from Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary


Sat = Existence, Is-ness, Truth. That which is, has always been, will always be. There behind all thoughts, feelings, concepts, structure is this–pure Being.


Chit = Consciousness, Awareness. Life that is aware of Itself. The Veda describes the birth of Awareness from the oneness of Existence as the desire of Life to know Itself. The desire of Life to be able to see Itself, experience Itself. Forget Itself in part for a moment so that It could look back upon Itself and feel the joy of re-cognition. Oh, yes! I see! This is me! This is what we are. The great I Am. Life Itself.


Ananda = Transcendental Bliss. Supreme happiness that simply Is, that is dependent on nothing, that is at the effect of nothing. The very nature of life Itself. In our least excited state, there behind the layers of thought, feeling and ideation, beyond the sensations of the physical body and the emotions, bliss is the nature of what we are. Simply by being, we are the embodiment of happiness.


This is the Truth of our nature. We are, we know that we are, and what we are is the experience of bliss.


In practical terms this means simply that we are meant to enjoy life. It is our birthright. It is our assignment. How do we fulfill this assignment? Well, that is the work of a lifetime. To begin, however, we take this as a given: I am meant to enjoy my life. And if in this moment I am not able to find this enjoyment, knowing that bliss is available opens me at least to the possibility of it.


Saccidananda/Sat-Chit-Ananda/Existence, Consciousness, Bliss is and always has been your true nature. See if you can find an experience of it today.


Today I will remember that I am meant to enjoy my life. I will open to the possibility that no matter what the facts of my life are in this moment, there is a way for me to find an experience of happiness here and now with things exactly as they are. I will ask not what needs to be changed out there to experience this happiness, but rather what can be changed within; and I will open myself to being guided by the movement of Life Itself in finding this happiness.

Three Rocks, Phipps Park, Billings, Montana