Explore! – May 23 2020

Explore! – May 23 2020

Look at the Upanishads; nobody preaches anything there. They say – ‘Explore’!

Sri M


The Upanishads are the distillation of the Vedas, the clearest expression of the Vedic truth that consciousness is one thing, that I am that one thing, as are you, as is everyone, always. The Upanishads say that the whole of life exists in order for us to learn this truth, in order for us to be this truth. 


Each of us is an expression of this completeness that is consciousness. As we own this in our life, to explore this completeness becomes our assignment and our gift. 


There is nowhere to get to, nothing to fix, nothing to become. There is only to enjoy.


Today I will imagine a life that calls to me to step into happiness, that asks of me nothing more than to be the most full expression of spirit I can be. Today I will notice one moment when the small self of me wants to have an argument/set someone straight/teach someone a lesson, and I will stop myself and ask, ‘If consciousness is all there is, what would the oneness in me have to offer the oneness in this other? And can I do that instead?’ 

Northern Mockingbird, Studio City, CA