Finding the True Self – February 22 2020

Finding the True Self – February 22 2020

(It is) in that utter stillness the ‘Truth’ comes into being. One understands one’s true reality. It is as if all the impurities, or all the agitations, or all the modifications of the mind have been wiped out and the essence remains in its absolute purity….and that essence is the ‘Self’, is the ‘True-Self’.

Sri M

How do we find this ‘True-Self’? We meditate. We pick up the mantra and allow it to guide us to the place beyond thought, beyond opinion, beyond all these changing ideas of who and what we are.

It sounds so simple. Maybe too simple. But perhaps we’ve been looking long enough. Perhaps we’ve paid enough with our unhappiness and our upset. Perhaps now is the time we are meant to find peace.

Today I will meditate, whatever that means to me. And if I know someone who seems to know more about meditation than I do, I will ask her to share some of what she knows with me.

Labradoodle of the Day, Studio City, CA