Finding the Truth – December 9 2019

Finding the Truth – December 9 2019

There is one important requisite to find the truth, whichever path you may follow. And that is the urgent, earnest desire to find the truth.

                                    Sri M

The truth is found first within, and then from that place within we can begin to find it in our world. We can be told this truth from others. We can tell this truth to each other. But it means very little until we find it for ourselves.

The truth is simple:

There is only one thing. I am that one thing. You are that one thing. God is that one thing. It is not possible for anyone or anything to be outside that one thing.

And love is the flow through which we know this one thing more and more in each moment.

A profound, beautiful and simple idea. But only an idea until we allow ourselves to find it within.

Through meditation, and the urgent, earnest desire to find it.

Today I will offer myself – my attention, my time, my passion, my desire – to an experience of looking within through something other than my intellect. I will offer myself to meditation to see what may come.

Leaves in the Rain, Studio City, CA