Freedom from Sorrow – April 15 2019

Freedom from Sorrow – April 15 2019

It is only when you come to a situation where you are face to face with sorrow that you stop and look at that which is beyond. If you are always happy, if you always get a lollipop to suck – which is what the pleasures of the world are all about – then nobody will look deeper or look for the mysteries of life or how to be free of sorrow.

Sri M

To try to find lasting stability and happiness in the relative world is an impossible task. The very nature of things is constant change. The place where stability and fulfillment may be found is beyond this world, deep within – the place we find in meditation.

The ancient Vedantists had a name for this place: turiya, which means, literally ‘the fourth state.’ The state which lies beyond our common three states of consciousness – waking, sleeping and dreaming. When we contact this fourth state through meditation, again and again, twice each day, we can begin to depend upon it. We can become grounded in it. In this place of no change. It is the place of Truth, the place of true stability; and its very essence is the experience of fulfillment.

Finding this place of fulfillment within does not in any way free us from the sorrows and losses of life; however, to know this place allows us to pass through these sorrows and not be defined by them. This is the experience of freedom.

Today I will meditate twice, allowing myself to settle down to that place that is beyond thought, beyond feeling, beyond sorrow; and, once again back in the world, I will remind myself that whatever is happening, no matter what it is, I will be able to walk through it.

Moon Over Great Salt Pond, Block Island, Rhode Island