Freedom to Choose – September 13 2019

Freedom to Choose – September 13 2019

The primary spiritual gift of human existence is the opportunity that by the option of one’s own free will, Divinity may be chosen or rejected by whatever name God is known. Thus, human life and the permission to incarnate as a human are great gifts in themselves, as was pointed out by the Buddha…

Human life is a major spiritual opportunity for consciousness to evolve and even reach Enlightenment. It is an expression of the gift of life, through which one can eventually realize the Self. Worldly temporal life is transitory and brief, but its consequences are very long term. It is therefore best to treasure the opportunity with gratitude. Spiritual endeavor is, in and of itself, an expression of appreciation for that gift of life.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., 

Discovery of the Presence of God

At any moment, we are serving either the ego or God. We are trying to find fulfillment by getting enough love/money/power in the world, or we are aligning ourselves with an inner truth and trying to be of service in the world. We are listening to the voices of fear and separation in our mind, or we are looking at our fellows with the idea that we are brothers and sisters in a oneness of life, a oneness of consciousness.

This is really the whole of life. And as Dr. Hawkins states above, it is a rare and precious gift to have the choice of the one or the other each moment of each day.

Today, may I remember with every other breath that I have the opportunity to choose, always, the path of service and love, alignment with spirit rather than smallness.

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