Fullness and Completeness – July 2 2019

Fullness and Completeness – July 2 2019

The paths are many, and the goal is total fullness and completeness. This is what we are all seeking though we may not be spiritually inclined. If even a few people understand this and start living this way, we can change the world.

Sri M

The human-ness of us always is seeking more and more fulfilment. Seeking to feel ourselves as full and complete. Yet this fulfilment is not available on the physical plane. Ever. Moments of happiness and accomplishment, yes. But not the fulfillment that the deepest part of us desires.

This deepest part is spirit. Consciousness itself. To know ourselves as this deepest part is the work of a lifetime. Meditation, study, constant awareness of our interior process – these are the nuts and bolts of it. And even though it may seem like a detour to those of us feeling the need to accomplish, to love, to succeed, in the end it is the most direct path to the goal we all feel at depth.

And as Sri M says above, if even a few of us begin to live this way, we can change the world. Which is not a bad thing.

Today I will recognize the need for spiritual connection that underlies whatever relative-world demands I feel myself at the mercy of; and I will take the time to settle into that still place beyond and beneath my thoughts and feelings in order that my actions might be guided by something other than my limited thinking.

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