Fullness Within – August 25 2020

Fullness Within – August 25 2020

In this circus of life that we go through, the peace, happiness, completeness and the stillness we seek lie within us. That ‘inner essence’, which is
purna (fullness), is in every one of us.

Sri M


Happiness never can be found outside the self. It only can be found within. Yes, it might be easier to find it within when we enjoy our work, or are in love, or have a weekend at the beach, but even then it is never found in the outer world, but only within.


How do we look for it within? We meditate, twice a day. Then, when outside of meditation, we decide to be awake and alive and present, with the expectation that life and love and happiness might express through me. And more often than not, it does.


Today I will meditate, then step into my day with the expectation of life and love and happiness to express through me. And I will choose, throughout the day, to be present to the world rather than to my thoughts about the world, or about myself.

Alaknanda River, Badrinath, Uttarakhand India