God Alive as the World – June 18 2019

God Alive as the World – June 18 2019

From my time in India, early 2017, teaching for a month and a half…

Today I am surrounded by butterflies

Blue, indigo, saffron, black-winged. 

Large and small. 

Two flutter together for a while 

then drift apart.

I imagine love stories for them,

the freedom in their coupling.

Their search

for the perfect one.

Or for just one.

Hawks circle overhead

and in the still water of the dam-blocked Ganges

the ducks trill to each other

about God knows what.

Across the river, laundry is beaten    

against rocks

and just upstream,

seven village women make their way across

the shallow water, 

bundles of bamboo, ten feet long,

balanced atop their heads.

God alive as the world –

In the butterflies, the hawks and ducks, the Ganges and the mothers passing through her waters. 

Meaning enough.

Women Crossing the Ganges, Veerpur, Uttarakhand, India