Guru Purnima – July 4 2020

Guru Purnima – July 4 2020

There is a state of mind of absolute calmness, where the mind remains absolutely still, quiet and calm like the full moon. It spreads its light everywhere, the cool light of the moon. That is the state which is potentially in all of us even though it may not be active. To contact that and to pay respects to that inner being is the most important part of Guru Purnima.

Sri M


Tonight is Guru Purnima, the annual celebration of the lineage of Vedic gurus.


These teachers, dedicated to knowing the fullness of consciousness within themselves, have passed on their wisdom so that today we can study and learn and discover our own experience of consciousness without having to reinvent the wheel. There are literally tens of thousands of years of teachings, wisdom and techniques available to us for our work in consciousness. In our modern time, we have an embarrassment of riches should we choose to avail ourselves of them. For this we offer our gratitude.


As Sri M says above, it is that inner being that we contact and pay respects to as well. For what a teacher can do is to point us in the right direction with a toolkit and a map, and offer us encouragement along the way. But it is our inner light that is truly our guide.


Guru Purnima is really a celebration of consciousness Itself, whether in the form of the ancient teachers or the labradoodle at my feet, the light of the full moon or the inner workings of this guy at the keyboard. Consciousness is the whole of what is. I Am. We Are! So we must be of that one thing. This is a truth worth celebrating. With this as a baseline, there is no limit to the life we may have, other than our willingness to have it.


Join us tonight in celebration, online, as we sing puja, meditate together and then walk in the cooling light of the full moon. May this be the night we all choose to allow more light into our lives. Link through here for Zoom information.


Tonight I will walk in the light of the full moon, soaking in the pure soma of consciousness represented by that light, grateful for all the growth that has come and for all that is yet to come; and I will offer gratitude to all those teachers who have labored through the years to pass this wisdom on to me, and gratitude to consciousness itself for letting me at last begin to know myself as its child.

Fig Tree in the Wind, tintype, Studio City CA