Happiness is Only Available in the Here and Now – September 18 2019

Happiness is Only Available in the Here and Now – September 18 2019

Happiness is looking at the same thing with different eyes.

Life only happens here–at this very moment. Tomorrow and yesterday are no more than a thought. So make the best of it. You do not know how long you have got. This is a positive message. It helps to give appreciative attention to what is here now. How much appreciative attention do you have for the here and now? Become still and look around. How is the “now” for you?

You do not have to wait for the future to be an improvement on the present. You can find it here.

Mark Williams and Danny Penman, 

Mindfulness: An Eight-week Plan for 

Finding Peace in a Frantic World

I used to be looking for God everywhere. Is he here? Is he over here? Then I realized it wasn’t God who was missing. It was me! Now, when I’m putting my keys in my pocket, I’m really putting my keys in my pocket.

my friend, Luke

It is a truism that we never can be anywhere but in the present moment. No one ever has revisited the past or stepped into the future. Always, always we are here, in this moment. Yet our thinking, our attention, often is in the past or in the future. What are we doing? Usually we are trying to manage our experiences so that we may find greater happiness in the here and now. We are trying to rewrite yesterday so that it makes for a better today–if only I had or hadn’t done this or that–or we are trying to plan our tomorrow so that it comes out the way we think will be best.

This approach to life fails us on two levels:

Thinking in the past and future is not the same as being in the past and future, and no matter how well we may ‘figure things out,’ our speculating mind does nothing, ever, to change what has happened or what is going to happen; and

placing our awareness in the future or the past takes us away from the one place, the only place, where we ever may find happiness–this present moment.

We have been trained by life and by our neurochemistry to worry about the future and feel guilty about the past. For most of us there is an automatic movement of our awareness out of the present – out of the only place where happiness may ever be found. By insisting on bringing our thinking back to the present moment, we become open to the happiness that is the baseline of the universe–the Sat Chit Ananda/Existence Consciousness Bliss the Veda tells us is the very stuff of the universe, the underlying Truth of all that is.

In this moment, right here and right now, happiness is available. We need only step out of our thinking in order to look for it where it resides.

Today I will insist on being present at least twice, or at least five times, or as many times as I might think of it: as I am tying my shoes, walking from the car to the house, putting on my jacket, brushing my teeth, pouring my orange juice, doing sit-ups, asking my friend how she’s doing…

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