Happiness is the Truth of Me – August 19 2020

Happiness is the Truth of Me – August 19 2020

Happiness is a state of mind not dependent on anything you possess.

Sri M


It’s a great question to ask: where can we find happiness?


This is a question we answer for ourselves nearly every day, perhaps without even knowing we’re doing it. For many of us the answer is, ‘someplace else.’ As in: when I have more money, when I can eat in a restaurant again, when I find love, when I lose 20 pounds, when I can go back to work.


Someplace other than where I am.


True happiness, lasting happiness, though, is found only within. In fact, it is the very truth of what I am, beyond all my ideas, my problems, my wants and needs and opinions. In that place of consciousness I contact each time I meditate, happiness is the very essence of my Self. The thing that never changes, regardless of any of the changes that occur in my outer world.


If I truly want to find happiness, it would make sense to begin looking for it where it actually is.


Today I will meditate, twice; and when I find myself blaming some thing or some lack for my unhappiness, I will remind myself that happiness is something I already have, and I will become willing to have it.

Bud Powell, time for a walk, Studio City CA