Hearts Breaking Open – June 4 2020

Hearts Breaking Open – June 4 2020

The heart of the world is breaking. This is good. The heart of the world has been in need of breaking since forever.


In nature, the only thing happening, ever, is evolution. Whatever is happening, no matter how painful, no matter how uncomfortable, no matter how frightening, is progressive change. Where we will find ourselves somewhere on the other side of all this will be spiritually more whole than where we find ourselves today.


So a breaking heart is not indication that it is time for us to close down and to stop loving. A breaking heart is making us fit to love truly. A breaking heart is what can fuel a universal voice of ‘Stop! Enough! No more!’ far better than the fuel of rage. The fuel of rage is finite. It will burn out. It knows only to tear down, not how to build. And it will burn out the vessel that carries it. The fuel of love from a heart broken open is of the infinite. It is of the very stuff of life. Like Buddha’s candle, it can light a thousand more without losing one bit of its own light.


So let our hearts be broken. Let us be finished with hatred and separation and lives of privilege built on the suffering of others. Let us each find our own way to step forward toward a common good.

All Ways Love, Esalen CA