Holding the Beads Together – December 29 2020

Holding the Beads Together – December 29 2020

The Supreme Being is the link between all beings, worlds, and galaxies – like a thread holding the beads together in a rosary.

Sri M


In order for me to encounter the Divine, I must be in relationship to something. Another being, another world, another galaxy. The sidewalk beneath my feet or the breeze against my cheek. 


The Divine is that which connects. It is that which lies between all things, in the gaps between all things. 


Yes, the Divine resides in me, as well. But I only will feel that Divinity fully, outside of meditation, by being in relationship to something other than my internal monologue. By being out of my thoughts about the world and present to my experience of the world. 


For what I need is an experience of God, rather than the experience of my thoughts about God. 


Today, let me have an experience of the Divine, rather than thoughts about the Divine. Let me feel the Divine as I flow outward into the world, and as I allow the world to flow inward to me. Help me to be alive in each moment, to give of my attention in each moment, to offer myself to the world in each moment. Thank you for this day.

December Sunset, Studio City, CA