Home – February 6 2021

Home – February 6 2021

Enlightenment is not something that occurs in the future, after 50 years of sitting cross-legged and saying “OM.” It is right here, in this instant. The reason you’re not experiencing this state of total peace and timelessness is because it is being resisted. It is being resisted because you are trying to control the moment. If you let go of trying to control your experience of the moment, and if you constantly surrender it like a tone of music, then you live on the crest of this exact always-ness. Experience arises like a note of music. The minute you hear a note, it’s already passing away. The instant you’ve heard it, it’s already dissolving. So every single moment is dissolving as it arises. Let go of anticipating the next moment, trying to control it, trying to hang on to the moment that has just passed. Let go clinging to what has just occurred. Let go trying to control what you think is about to occur. Then you live in an infinite space of non-time and non-event. There is an infinite peace beyond description. And you are home.

David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, 

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender


To be fully here, in this moment, is to be enlightened. It can be a choice. To not make this choice is to live in endless variations of the same experiences we’ve already had. To make this choice – to live in the infinite now – is to choose the new, the exciting, the unknown, and the possibility, in each moment, of the miraculous.


Today I will relinquish my need to hang on to each moment as it passes and my need to control each moment as it arises. I will trust in the infinite now to guide me in each moment to my highest good.

Road, Wyoming