How Can I Give When I Feel Like I Need to Get – August 27 2019

How Can I Give When I Feel Like I Need to Get – August 27 2019

Happiness depends on something or other and can be lost; freedom from everything depends on nothing and cannot be lost. Freedom from sorrow has no cause and, therefore, cannot be destroyed. Realise that freedom.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj,

I Am That, p.147

How can I give when I feel like I need to get?

Most of us enter experiences and relationships looking for what we are there to get; but in fact, life only works when we are showing up in order to give,  in order to be of service. 

Think of it this way: in the Vedic world view, there is only one thing. I am, so by definition I must be that one thing. If giving is going to occur, if love is going to be present, then this love, this giving must come from me. If there’s only one thing, who else is going to choose to bring the love if I don’t? Though we may show up on a date or to a function hoping someone will be interested in getting to know us better, in fact it’s never is about that; rather, it’s always about me being interested in someone other than myself.

Though this may seem counter-intuitive, once we embrace it, the payoff is quite profound. If I assume I am here to get, I am underlining the fact that I am needy; whereas if I assume I am here to give, I am underlining the fact that I have something worth giving. And by giving, I am aligning myself with the flow of nature, which itself is only ever giving. I am allowing the flow of life to move through me. And this, really, is what we always are seeking from someone else–this feeling of flow, and the ease and feeling of joy that comes along with it. We love love because we love the feeling of life fully-lived that comes along with it. When we take it upon ourselves to be the outlet for this flow, rather than waiting for someone else to bring it to us, we’re no longer at the effect of anyone else. We can begin to see ourselves as the source of love, as the connection to the true source of love, i.e. to nature itself. And everything we really want, really long for, really desire, always comes from nature. Never from another person.

And what about me? the small self may say. When do I get taken care of?

The answer is: Always. We are always taken care of. The truth of the universe – God, nature, flow spirit – is my source. It fills me with everything I need. My responsibility is simply to recognize this truth, and to let my actions be expressive of this truth. And to spend time each day in meditation so that I may begin to live this truth.

Today I will choose away from my small self’s need for safety and approval, and choose rather to be more interested in another person than in myself. I will ask to be shown, moment to moment, how I may be of service in my world. I will assume that my own needs will be taken care of, and I will listen to another to see what I may give to them.

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