How We Do Anything – July 19 2020

How We Do Anything – July 19 2020

God may forgive your sins, but your nervous system won’t.

Alfred Korzybski


Most of us have at least something we do that doesn’t fit in with who we’d like to be, and how we’d like to be seen by the world, or God, or by our higher Self.


Maybe we secretly eat Red Vines alone at night. Flirt where perhaps we shouldn’t. Lie by omission. Misstate our income at tax time. Sneak a cigarette here or there. Or the oh-so-many other ways we have to be less than we could be, less perfect than we would like to be.


We think we can compartmentalize these things, turning away from the eyes of others, from the eyes of God. And from ourselves.


But how we do anything is how we do everything. We know who we are and what we’ve done, regardless of our capacity to deny it to ourselves.


We build our lives based upon what we think we deserve. And if we have secret behavior that we would judge as undeserving, it absolutely affects every aspect of our lives.


We are not aiming for perfection. As long as I am in a body, I will be subject to behaviors that might be ‘less than spiritual.’ But my point of view on myself and these behaviors can shift. I can own the way I behave, fully. I can see myself and my behavior clearly. I can see myself through the eyes of the Divine with complete acceptance and forgiveness, and I can ask for help to engage in those behaviors that I would respect in myself and that are for the highest good of all.


I am a work in progress, moving ever closer to knowing myself as spirit having a human experience rather than a human struggling to connect with spirit.


So today, if I eat the Red Vines, I will enjoy them. I will stop hiding from myself. And maybe tomorrow I might find the way to not eat the Red Vines and enjoy that, too.


Today I will listen to the still, small voice that suggests I am better than I think myself to be, and what I choose to do today with my attention and with my time will reflect that better version of myself.

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