I Am the Field of Infinite Energy – September 10 2019

I Am the Field of Infinite Energy – September 10 2019

[W]e forget that our real nature, by definition, is always available to us in some measure. Accessing it does not depend on solving any problem or healing any wound… This understanding is crucial, for when people hear about the possibility of liberation, they almost always imagine that such a thing could only be the result of solving their problems and healing their wounds. But your real nature was never wounded, so why should accessing it be dependent on completing your therapy? This misunderstanding leads to putting the cart before the horse, and devoting an inordinate amount of energy to figuring out and fixing a “self” that is not the real you.

In fact, what often happens is this: you wake up out of the false belief that the limited, conditioned self is you, and then that limited self – whose locus is the mind – slowly begins to reflect the new state of affairs. That is, the mind begins to align itself to the vibration of your real nature, now that the power of your awareness is focused there instead of on the mind.

Christopher D. Wallis, Tantra Illuminated

I am not who I think I am. These thoughts running through my mind, this history of a life, this collection of opinions and identifications with various groups – none of this is what I am. 

What I am, what we are, is perfect, pure, whole and complete. It is other than all these things. It has never been touched or scarred by anything I have done or anything that has been done to me.

Yes of course I have apparent ‘shortcomings’, character flaws that can cause me to behave less than ideally. There are times I behave poorly and must take responsibility for these behaviors. But I am not ‘broken.’ I do not need to be fixed or repaired. What is required is simply to stop seeing myself as this limited nature, stop identifying with my thoughts and begin to identify myself with that field of infinite energy that underlies these thoughts and all these small ideas of self.

What I am is the whole of consciousness, the universe itself, having an experience in a body and mind, and using that experience to remember this truth of what I am.

Today I will bring myself present to the world around me, to the people in my world, and when I find myself once again pulled into identification with my thoughts about all this, I will remind myself that I am not these thoughts, let go and bring myself back to the infinite Here and Now.

Chinese Baoding balls, wet plate collodion tintype