I Don’t Know – February 1 2020

I Don’t Know – February 1 2020

What bars us from finding ‘That’ is too much knowledge, too much ego, too much feeling that ‘I know’. Nobody is ready to say ‘I don’t know’. In fact, in the present circumstances, there are more gurus than disciples. What to do? If one can at least say ‘I don’t know, let me find out’, that would be a very good thing.

Sri M

And from John O’Donohue, Anam Cara, (via my friend Connie):

The first step in awakening to your inner life and to the depth and promise of your solitude would be to consider yourself for a little while as a stranger to your own deepest depths.

Today I will enter each moment as if it were new, as if there were treasures available that require only my mindful presence to make themselves known.

Sidewalk with unknown tree droppings, Studio City