I Don’t Know – February 28 2021

I Don’t Know – February 28 2021

What bars us from finding ‘That’ is too much knowledge, too much ego, too much feeling that ‘I know’. Nobody is ready to say ‘I don’t know’. In fact, in the present circumstances, there are more gurus than disciples. What to do? If one can at least say ‘I don’t know, let me find out’, that would be a very good thing.

Sri M


Another way of saying this would be: life is ever-unfolding for us. We are always evolving. If I enter this moment thinking I know what’s going to happen, I am missing out on the adventure of the unknown. It is only in the unknown that I might learn the truth of what I am, which is a co-creator of the universe, moment by moment. Simply to step forward with a bit of curiosity, saying something like, “Hmm… it will be interesting to see how this turns out.”


And… remember that life is meant to be enjoyed.


Today I will enter each moment as if it were new, as if there were treasures available that require only my mindful presence to make themselves known.

Sidewalk with unknown tree fruit, Studio City