I Have Been Thinking – March 31 2020

I Have Been Thinking – March 31 2020

I have been thinking of the difference between water

     and the waves on it.

Rising, water’s still water,

      falling back,

           it is water,

will you give me a hint

     how to tell them apart?

     Because someone has made up the word

           wave, do I have to distinguish it from water?

     There is a Secret One inside us;

     the planets in all the galaxies

           pass through his hands like beads.

     That is a string of beads one should look at with luminous eyes.


The truth of the Veda is profound, yet so simple. The whole of it can be stated in five words:

“There is only one thing.”

That’s it. There is only one thing. I am that one thing, as are you, as is the universe, as is God. Everything else we may say is an expansion, an extrapolation, a celebration of this truth.

Like describing a rose to someone who’s never seen one. We can say what it looks like from above, from below, from the side. What a petal feels like, what a stem feels like, what a thorn feels like. What is its scent. The subtle gradations of color. Eventually the idea, the image of a rose begins to form in the mind of our audience.

There is only one thing. And an infinite number of things to say about it and ways of saying them.

Today, in spite of the challenges and fears I may be experiencing, I will look at my fellows as if they are my brothers and sisters, feel in the world as if it is my home, know God within me and around me as close to me as my breath.

Sunset, St. Lawrence River, Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada