Initiator Training Announcement

Jeff Kober IT 2023 Announcement



We’re excited to announce our next Initiator Training, beginning in January 2023. This non-residential course is an 18-month commitment that allows students to live as householders while fulfilling all the requirements needed to excel as initiators of Vedic Meditation.


While sections of the course can be taken over Zoom during weekly classes, we will also structure opportunities for in-person gathering and study. Since it will be a hybrid course, no matter where you are in the world, we’d love to have you join us.


For those whose lifestyle or finances don’t permit them to take part in the traditional three-month immersive course, the non-residential approach allows participants to deeply steep themselves in study over time under the care and guidance of meditation teacher Jeff Kober and our team. We teach a meditation that we like to call the householder’s technique. This non- residential course is the householder’s way of becoming a teacher.


Students will build the necessary skills and expand their spiritual knowledge at a rate that allows them to fully and safely integrate what they’re learning every step of the way.


Also, students who enroll in this program will continue to enjoy the support of Jeff and our community of initiators long after graduation.


(Payment plans and a limited number of scholarship opportunities are available.)


Curious? Want to learn more? Please join us for an IT Q&A on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at  6 pm PT on Zoom. To join, register here.


We look forward to sharing more information with you!


Love and Jai Guru Deva,

Jeff Kober

Diana Charkalis


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