Into the Arms of God – July 13 2019

Into the Arms of God – July 13 2019

Your salvation in this area lies not in resisting the truth of your powerlessness before food, but rather in accepting it. For this acceptance leads you straight into the arms of God, however you think of Him or whatever you understand Him to be. You realize, once you accept that your problem is bigger than you are, that perhaps something else is bigger than it… It is when you allow God to be bigger, that you will allow yourself to become physically smaller. You will begin to give up your burdens when you remember there is someone to give them to.

Marianne Williamson, A Course in Weight Loss

To be a human can be a lonely experience. Parents die, lovers and spouses may come and go. Friends may stop being friends or move away. And even if all these relationships remain in place, everyone alive and healthy and present, as humans we still can fall into the experience of complete and utter aloneness. 

When we know ourselves solely as this body, its urges and sensations and thoughts, we believe we are the ego, and we are truly alone. And the ego’s response to the world is always to separate us even further from everyone and everything in order to keep us safe. The more alone we become, the more we are cut-off from the nurturing flow of life itself; for life can flow through us only as we are in relation to the world outside ourselves. If we are in relation only to our thoughts and feelings, flow is not happening. Only if we are in relationship to others, and to the world itself, can we actually experience the flow of life. And when we are not able to experience the flow of life, we will find ourselves starving.

It’s easy to see that from this frame of reference we might seek to be fed elsewhere. Overeating, fantasy, gossip, pornography. Smoking, drinking, sexual intrigue. Negativity, abusive self-talk, victimhood. Hours of bad TV or surfing the internet for connections or bargains or things we don’t need or never will have the money to buy. Anything to fill up the emptiness we feel, the emptiness we seem to be.

And if we get caught up in one of these behaviors we may find we can’t free ourselves from it. This can be bad news.

And it could be the beginning of a new life, as the quote above states.

The universe does not want me to be sad and alone and unhappy. It wants me to be full and free and alive. In order to move me in that direction, it needs me to connect with something greater than my small self, greater than my ego; for in connecting with this larger thing I can begin to identify as this larger thing. This is what the universe wants of me: my largest Self. My True Self. The me that is at one with the power of the universe Itself.

For the sake of simplicity, this power of the universe usually is referred to as God. Or Higher Power. Anything at all, really, as long as it is something other than me.

When out of necessity we begin to align ourselves with this power greater than ourselves, we begin to know that we are not human at all. Yes, we are having a human experience, but in fact what we really are is Spirit Itself.

We are spirit having a human experience. We are here in these bodies in order to discover this truth and to know it with every fiber of our being. We are here to experience the bondage that can occur–to our thoughts, to our feelings, to our fixes, to our addictions–and then to find that place within, that place of Spirit, that can never be in bondage to anything.

It is the nature of being human to forget that we are Divine. It is the nature of Spirit to remember.

Today I will recognize my powerlessness to transform my life in order to let in that power of transformation that awaits only my invitation. I will take the time to say something like ‘of myself I can’t do this thing. I know there is something here that can. Please help me.’

David Williams and Silvertone guitar, tintype, Studio City CA