Changing Hands – December 5 2019

Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love Each of us has one hand that is dominant. For 10Continue reading

Existence, Consciousness, Bliss – December 3 2019

Sat-Chit-Ananda/Saccidananda: Existence and Thought and Joy. Of the One self-existing or universal Spirit. Brahman. Totality.  from Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary Sat = Existence, Is-ness, Truth. That which is, has always been, will always be. There behind all thoughts, feelings, concepts, structure is this–pure Being. Chit = Consciousness, Awareness. Life that is aware of Itself. The Veda describes the birth ofContinue reading