Wake Up – July 15 2018

The Lightest Touch Good poetry begins with the lightest touch, a breeze arriving from nowhere, a whispered healing arrival, a word in your ear, a settling into things, then like a hand in the dark it arrests the whole body, steeling you for revelation. In the silence that follows a great line you can feelContinue reading

The Mind and Fear – July 12 2018

Because the basic mechanism of fear is of animal origin and a prerequisite to survival, it is built into the very structure and physiology of the human brain.   The capacity to analyze and abstract the perception of time and its concept of the future provides an endless variety of real or imaginary conditions alongContinue reading

Not Enlightenment – July 10 2018

In the mixture of starlight and cloud-reflected sunlight in which the desert world is now illuminated, each single object stands forth in preternatural though transient brilliance, a final assertion of existence before the coming of night: each rock and shrub and tree, each flower, each stem of grass, diverse and separate, vividly isolate, yet joinedContinue reading

What Can I Do to Help – July 9 2018

So we all serve all of life through all of our spiritual endeavors–everything that we surrender to God for the good of all, every advance, every forgiveness that we personally do, every time we let go of feeling sad and unhappy, every negativity we let go–benefits all of mankind. Consequently, anyone who is in spiritualContinue reading

Cosmic Consciousness – July 8 2018

The Truth is far more all-encompassing than the mind could ever comprehend. No thought can encapsulate the Truth. At best, it can point to it. For example, it can say: “All things are intrinsically one.” That is a pointer, not an explanation. Understanding these words means feeling deep within you the truth to which theyContinue reading