Enthusiasm – June 28 2020

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson   The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek enthousiasmos meaning, variantly, “possession by a god,” or “having a god within.”    Occasionally life grants us an experience that fills us up, that pulls us out of the mundane and beyond ourselves; where we feel filled up andContinue reading

To Be Alive – June 27 2020

To be alive: not just the carcass But the spark. That’s crudely put, but… If we’re not supposed to dance, Why all this music? Gregory Orr, from Concerning the Book That Is the Body Of the Beloved   This is all that life asks of us: to be alive; and, being alive, to dance.   Simple,Continue reading

Service – June 25 2020

No one can spiritually advance by simply sitting down cross-legged and meditating 24 hours. The moment you begin to see divinity in all living beings and start serving human beings, the mind can begin to purify and reach higher states. Service is an important part of Sadhana…   The person whom you serve is givingContinue reading

Life is Not a Problem – June 24 2020

The mind can do so much more than simply analyze problems with its Doing mode… [T]he mind doesn’t just think. It can also be aware that it is thinking. This form of pure awareness allows you to experience the world directly… to step outside the chattering negative self-talk and your reactive impulses and emotions. It allows youContinue reading

Meditate – June 23 2020

With his being deep in peace, freed from fear, settled in the vow of chastity, with mind subdued and thought given over to Me, let  him sit united realizing Me as the Transcendent. Bhagavad – Gita, Chapter VI, verse 14   ‘With his being deep in peace’ means that the mind is set on theContinue reading