The World I Live In – May 6 2021

The World I Live In   I have refused to live locked in the orderly house of            reasons and proofs. The world I live in and believe in is wider than that. And anyway,            what’s wrong with Maybe?   You wouldn’t believe what once or twice I have seen. I’ll just            tell you this: onlyContinue reading

All Fear is Fallacious – May 3 2021

One basic truth that is of inestimable value and usefulness is this dictum: all fear is fallacious and not based in fact. Fear is overcome by walking directly through it until one breaks through into the joy that the fear is blocking. The joy that follows facing any spiritual fear comes from the discovery thatContinue reading

The Source Within – May 2 2021

Spiritual experience is a fact. Spirituality may be defined as an atmosphere of good, the realization of God. It cannot–and does not–borrow its light from another, no matter how great or noble that other may be. It springs from within, coming from that never-failing fountain of life, which quenches every thirst, whose Source is inContinue reading

Practicing the Presence of God – April 29 2021

Ishvara-Pranidhanad Va …samadhi can be attained quickly through practicing the presence of God. Sutra 1.23, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali   The first chapter of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is made up of 51 sutras, or aphorisms. Sutra actually means “string,” each of the individual sutras like a single flower on a garland, the whole of them showing us the path to samadhi – integrationContinue reading

I Have Been Thinking – April 27 2021

I have been thinking of the difference between water      and the waves on it. Rising, water’s still water,       falling back,            it is water, will you give me a hint      how to tell them apart?        Because someone has made up the word            wave, do I have to distinguish it from water?        There is a SecretContinue reading