Constant Change – May 9 2019

We observe matter in constant change. So also the mind changes… In fact motion, as both Aristotle and the Hindus say, is the essential characteristic of Nature. For this reason the world is called in Sanskrit “Jagat” which means the “moving thing”. The universe is Mind and Matter in constant movement, not a single particleContinue reading

Integrity – May 8 2019

After the appearance of The Autobiography of a Yogi, very few authentic spiritual biographies have appeared, and the writers of even those are no longer alive and available for discussion. Also, however authentic Swami Yogananda’s autobiography is, he hadn’t personally spent much time in the Himalayas. Therefore, I thought it was important that I relate myContinue reading

And You Are Home – May 6 2019

Eventually, everything is surrendered that stands in the way of the Presence… When everything is surrendered that stands in the way, It is there, shining brilliantly forth. Instead of viewing this as something in the future, own it now. Enlightenment is not something that occurs in the future, after 50 years of sitting cross-legged andContinue reading

There Must Be More – May 5 2019

Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the heart. Everything that moves, breathes, opens, and closes Lives in the Self. He is the source of love And may be known through love but not through thought. He is the goal of life. Attain this goal! The shining Self dwells hidden in the heart. Everything inContinue reading

Radiant is the Self – May 4 2019

The Self is everywhere. Radiant is the Self. Indivisible, untouched by sin or evil, wise, In all things and beyond all things. He it is who holds the cosmos together.  Isha Upanishad The Veda tells the story of an ancient time, a Golden Age when consciousness was full and all were born enlightened.  For eonsContinue reading

God’s Will – May 3 2019

It is not God’s will merely that we should be happy, but that we should make ourselves happy.  Immanuel Kant  The soul can split the sky in two  and let the face of God shine through.  Edna St. Vincent Millay When I first began studying spirituality and metaphysics with a group of like-minded individuals, thereContinue reading