Fear – July 8 2019

Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here. Marianne Williamson Sometimes our minds are a steady stream of what should be feared–out there in the world, in here with myself, everywhere. As if there were nowhere to be safe. These fears seem so real. Everything they say seems true. InContinue reading

The Beautiful Invisible – July 4 2019

[T]here is a profound connection between blindness, abstract thought, poetry, and spiritual wisdom. Homer, the father of all poets, discovered his literary vocation only when he was no longer encumbered with a sense of vision. Democritus, the inventor of the atom, plucked out his eyes to think more clearly. And Chiu-fang Kao, the most experiencedContinue reading

Understanding God – July 3 2019

It is impossible for the human mind to remain a human mind and at the same time to understand God. Only God’s mind can understand God. Only when the human mind is so relieved of its humanness that it becomes God’s mind, even to you, can that mind begin to understand God’s mind. Pandit UsharbudhContinue reading