There is a Universal Wholeness – June 2 2021

There is a Universal Wholeness seeking expression through everything. We are calling it simply Life. The religionist calls it God. The philosopher calls it Reality. Life is infinite energy coupled with limitless creative imagination.     We seek a ‘spiritual experience’ because each of us feels the truth within that there is something longing to comeContinue reading

Beliefs That No Longer Serve Us – May 29 2021

Although we known nothing of [the Yoga Sutra’s] author save the name Patanjali, we can be certain that he was devoted, along with countless predecessors, to the eradication of suffering. Because he believed that human suffering stems from an ingrained but reversible tendency to misconstrue reality, he undertook a painstakingly thorough analysis of how weContinue reading

Two Wolves – May 27 2021

An Indian grandfather tells his grandson, “I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is vengeful, fearful, envious, resentful, deceitful. The other wolf is loving, compassionate, generous, truthful and serene.”   The grandson asks which wolf will win the fight.   The grandfather answers, “The one I feed.” Native American story as relatedContinue reading

Transcending the Ego – May 24 2021

The ego is an endless wantingness, cravingness, desiringness, and because that’s its nature, it can’t be satisfied. You can’t satisfy the ego because you’d have to change its nature. You can’t get enough approval, because you’d have to have every person on earth bow down to you. It wants to be God. What the egoContinue reading